Chicken Tote Bag

This weekend I made a tote bag from the book “Cute and Clever Totes” (Amazon) which I’m super pleased with. Instructions weren’t too hard to follow but note its an American book so everything is in inches and fabric recommendations aren’t always available in the UK. As I didn’t have any of the fabrics to start with, I spent roughly £50 getting all the stuff on eBay. Well worth making, it is so cute and super practical for buying items like more houseplants…🌵

First I made two 8 inch paper pierced blocks of a cockerel and a hen, and then followed the instructions to make the bag. Learnt a new technique called the box corner, which makes the bottom of the bag have a 3D base by sewing a triangle in the bottom corners.

Messed up the cockerel’s top a bit
Chicken paper piercing

In total I think this took about 10 hours. It’s got two external pockets (the paper pierced sections) and one internal pocket, and a base which I glue-gunned in to hold its shape. Because it’s got fusible fleece and interfacing it’s a pretty sturdy and solid bag. Can’t wait to go shopping with it!

Other side of the bag
Inside the bag

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