• Phillip Lowman 1561-1617
    My next interesting ancestor is from the late Tudor period and early Stuart period. At this point the Lowmans of Devon were part of the gentry – they didn’t have any official titles as far as I can work out (like Earl or Duke), but they owned land and came from a long line of … Continue reading Phillip Lowman 1561-1617
  • John Lowman 1818-1910
    I thought I’d write about one of the interesting members of my ancestors, my 3rd great grandfather John Lowman who was born in Stepney, London, in 1818. The vast majority of my family were working class or farmers/labourers, so there isn’t much other than what’s in the census and marriage/birth/death records. John’s grandfather Josiah made the … Continue reading John Lowman 1818-1910
  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
    I currently have five different types of Pothos houseplants: Golden Pothos Neon Pothos Mable Queen Pothos N’Joy Pothos Satin Pothos (technically not a Pothos but looks similar and often grouped with them) It is also called devil’s ivy because it is ‘almost impossible to kill’, and sometimes known as the money plant; even though that’s a common … Continue reading Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Bienn Enaiglair (890m)
    Bienn Enaiglair is just shy of being a Munro (by 24m). We didn’t see a single soul during our walk last week, and I think it was a combination of being overlooked in preference of a Munro, and the weather forecast. It was meant to rain all day, but a bright morning gave us confidence … Continue reading Bienn Enaiglair (890m)
  • Stac Pollaidh (612m)
    Last week we stayed in Ullapool for 4 days to get away for a bit and do some walks in the Highlands. We were recommended this walk as great view to effort ratio. The walk took us a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes to the top and back to the car park, so … Continue reading Stac Pollaidh (612m)
  • New era for Lowmanio
    So that’s it, I have now copied across all my old posts onto WordPress and will soon change over to the new site. My old site was hosted on an incredibly old server which I haven’t maintained and recently ran out of disk space. I figure WordPress will do a better job at that for … Continue reading New era for Lowmanio
  • Family Tree Research Methods
    I recently looked into my father’s family tree as quite frankly I don’t know anyone outside my parents, now deceased grandparents and an estranged uncle. Turns out I love this kind of research and its really similar to forensics – digging through various facts and finding the connections. I used and a combination of … Continue reading Family Tree Research Methods
  • Moved to WordPress
    After ~19 years of a fully home-built website, I have moved to WordPress for the convenience. All my older posts will be gradually moved across too. Hopefully I will update the blog a little more often 😉
  • GDPR and the Cloud
    Today I attended Scot-Cloud in Edinburgh, a free conference hosted by Digit, an independent business technology community in Scotland. Lots of conversation about GDPR, in fact it was mentioned in all of the talks and had two specific talks on it too. The first talk was by Martin Sloan of Brodies LLP Solicitors and second talk by Lilian Edwards, a … Continue reading GDPR and the Cloud
  • Nudge Theory
    A few weeks ago I was at an ISACA/ISC2 event where Chris Ulliott spoke about usable security. He argued that we (technology creators in general) ask far too much of the general public to be able to understand and use technology securely. I agree – asking any internet user to be able to spot a … Continue reading Nudge Theory