• UK Security Conferences 2022
    To be updated with new events as they are known. Conference / Event Dates Location Price Link Cyber Scotland Week – multiple events throughout the week including day event Cyber Security Scotland 2022 28th Feb – 6th March Virtual Free Cloud & Cybersecurity EXPO 2nd – 3rd March London ? Securi-tay 4th March … Continue reading UK Security Conferences 2022
  • Chicken Tote Bag
    This weekend I made a tote bag from the book “Cute and Clever Totes” (Amazon) which I’m super pleased with. Instructions weren’t too hard to follow but note its an American book so everything is in inches and fabric recommendations aren’t always available in the UK. As I didn’t have any of the fabrics to … Continue reading Chicken Tote Bag
  • November Table Runner
    After making my Halloween table runner in October I decided to try and make another runner for that time between Halloween and Christmas. I went with a gorgeous set of fat quarters from “Dear Stella” with an Autumnal theme from eBay, a plain mustard yellow fat quarter and then embellished with leaves from The Works. … Continue reading November Table Runner
  • Glenmore Forest
    Reindeer This week we went to Aviemore for a short break away. Yesterday I booked us in for a walk with reindeer at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre in Glenmore, which was such a nice experience. I was surprised how many people were in our group for mid-November. I was expecting less than 10 but there … Continue reading Glenmore Forest
  • Roslin Glen and Rosslyn Chapel Walk
    I just love autumnal walks – the trees start to change colours, and cool, crisp air. Recently we did the Roslin Glen walk from Rosslyn Chapel which took 1 hour 45 mins in total. We followed the walk from We had perfect walking conditions – no rain and minimal mud. The walk doesn’t start … Continue reading Roslin Glen and Rosslyn Chapel Walk
  • Halloween Crafting
    In terms of decorations and making things, I think I prefer Halloween as there is a bigger scope to be creative. Below are a few things I created this year and last year. This year I made a table runner with a selection of spooky fabrics from Etsy, backed by some basic black cotton and … Continue reading Halloween Crafting
  • Phillip Lowman 1561-1617
    My next interesting ancestor is from the late Tudor period and early Stuart period. At this point the Lowmans of Devon were part of the gentry – they didn’t have any official titles as far as I can work out (like Earl or Duke), but they owned land and came from a long line of … Continue reading Phillip Lowman 1561-1617
  • John Lowman 1818-1910
    I thought I’d write about one of the interesting members of my ancestors, my 3rd great grandfather John Lowman who was born in Stepney, London, in 1818. The vast majority of my family were working class or farmers/labourers, so there isn’t much other than what’s in the census and marriage/birth/death records. John’s grandfather Josiah made the … Continue reading John Lowman 1818-1910
  • Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
    I currently have five different types of Pothos houseplants: Golden Pothos Neon Pothos Mable Queen Pothos N’Joy Pothos Satin Pothos (technically not a Pothos but looks similar and often grouped with them) It is also called devil’s ivy because it is ‘almost impossible to kill’, and sometimes known as the money plant; even though that’s a common … Continue reading Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)
  • Bienn Enaiglair (890m)
    Bienn Enaiglair is just shy of being a Munro (by 24m). We didn’t see a single soul during our walk last week, and I think it was a combination of being overlooked in preference of a Munro, and the weather forecast. It was meant to rain all day, but a bright morning gave us confidence … Continue reading Bienn Enaiglair (890m)