Roslin Glen and Rosslyn Chapel Walk

View from Roslin Castle

I just love autumnal walks – the trees start to change colours, and cool, crisp air. Recently we did the Roslin Glen walk from Rosslyn Chapel which took 1 hour 45 mins in total. We followed the walk from We had perfect walking conditions – no rain and minimal mud.

The walk doesn’t start that scenic, you walk beside a sewage works (amazingly didn’t smell at all but wasn’t particularly pleasant to walk so close to) and then have to walk along and cross quite busy road to get to the Roslin Glen park. Then the walk becomes really lovely; nice wide path with beautiful scenery – tall trees, ferns, some cliffs and the river North Esk gently flowing to the side of us. This time of year everything is still mostly lush but you can see the start of the autumnal decay. We walked past the ruins of an old gunpowder mill (described as “atmospheric”) which was built in 1804.

At the gunpowder mill

We headed out the Roslin Glen park and followed a path which was originally a railway line. We got barked at by the tiniest of dogs before heading again onto a main road (with no pavement) until we reached the forest once more to do the final part along the river and up to the ruins of Roslin Castle and back up to the Chapel.

The main part of the walk was great but didn’t enjoy going on the roads that much – I know it’s necessary to make a circular route but was a shame it wasn’t more forest based.

Walk difficulty: very easy, slightly muddy in parts

Views: 7/10

Location: start at Roslin Chapel car park

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