Dick Vet Spring Lectures: Not a Happy Bunny?

Yesterday evening I went to a public lecture held by the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies on preventative healthcare for rabbits, with Brigitte Reusch as the speaker. There are a couple more lectures in the series over the next few weeks on dogs, cats and horses if anyone is in Edinburgh and interested. Brigitte Reusch made the BBC … Continue reading Dick Vet Spring Lectures: Not a Happy Bunny?

Using Microsoft Word 2007 Part 2

In my previous post, I mentioned how to use Styles properly. Here I will explain referencing and making an automatic bibliography. When you add an image, graph or table you usually want to put a caption underneath it. This is easily done by right-clicking the figure, and pressing “Insert Caption”. Type some text after Figure x and press … Continue reading Using Microsoft Word 2007 Part 2

Mixing up qualitative and quantitative data

It upsets me when papers make the effort to do proper usability studies and then misuse the results because they get confused by qualitative and quantitative data. As nicely explained in my HCI notes, quantitative data has a "structure of integers or real numbers, e.g.number of errors (discrete) or time to complete task (continuous)", whilst qualitative data is essentially everything … Continue reading Mixing up qualitative and quantitative data

Creative Gifts – Part 2

Following on from part 1, here are some more creative ideas for presents. These however require very little artistic skills! Personalised mugs and calendars Websites such as snapfish provide personalised gifts such as mugs, calenders, mouse mats, jigaws and stationary which you can put your photos on. The prices are quite reasonable too - a mug with your … Continue reading Creative Gifts – Part 2