New website!

I have redesigned to be more bloggy, and hopefully I shall actually keep up with my blog this time. I got a little over enthusiastic with blog posts as you can see…I’ve already blogged 6 times! The topics I will blog about are in the categories to your right. I am starting a masters in Forensics Informatics in September, so will post anything interesting I learn here. I’m also really interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and general art and design, and computers in general! Hobbies wise, I own two rabbits called Pixel and Nybble and I love to cook. Both of these will get mentions – hopefully not at the same time (although rabbit meat is delicious). I have also moved my bunny blog which used to live at to here.

I built this website in Python using the amazing libraries: Werkzeug, SQLAlchemy, Mako and FormEncode. Werkzeug is a small library of WGSI stuff which allows python and the web server to happily work together. It’s tiny, and unlike Django you have to do most of the work yourself which gives greater flexibility and more understanding of whats going on. SQLAlchemy is the most awesome ORM, Mako is a templating library and FormEncode does form validation.

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