Why do rabbits binky?

To people who have never seen a rabbit binky before, it is like the bunny has had some sort of fit. They range from the rabbit jumping and twisting in the air, to sudden mini flicks and turns and head shakes. What’s funny is that they don’t have great spacial awareness, so often binky head first into walls or look incredibly confused about the new direction they are facing. To see an example, I found a YouTube video of a rabbit doing an insane binky

The Internet and books tell me that rabbits binky because they are happy. It could be delight from being able to run around (if usually caged) or just being generally content. This is great news as both Nybble and Pixel binky every time they go out in the hallway or explore the bedroom. Nybble loves to binky whilst running if we have to chase him back into the kitchen, a sort of defiant I’m-faster-than-you flick. Pixel however is the champion binkyier – he does the most amazing leaps and twists. His favourite seems to be from complete standstill, to suddenly in the air, to complete standstill facing a different direction.

My question is though – do they binky consciously or not? I don’t think bunnies necessarily choose to binky. When rabbbits clean themselves it is a very mechanical and structured routine, which is only stopped when something distracts them. Pixel has been observed to binky mid clean, and then look very confused by it. However, Pixel always looks confused, so maybe he just was so happy cleaning himself he needed to express his joy. Also, why? Why on earth have rabbits evolved to do this? Does it look like the rabbit is having a fit to predators, and is therefore diseased so they stay away?

I couldn’t find any information on rabbit psyche on the Intertubes, so I shall have to keep observing my little fuzzballs. 

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