8 Favourite iPod Touch apps

1.  BBC Reader (free)
This app downloads and caches the latest headlines from the BBC website from three categories (I have world news, UK and Entertainment for example). What’s great for iPod Touch users is that you can download the news when you have internet and read the articles later when you don’t. When you click on a link, it takes you to the BBC article page with its inbuilt browser and it is easy to navigate around. The only annoying feature is that it auto refreshes the news, but not very well. A button of some sort to force it to search for new stories would be useful.

2.  TVGuide (free)
  launched this free app that shows the next three things on TV for all the channels. You can even select which region you’re in and what channels you have, handily giving a “all the freeview ones” option. If you click on a channel, it shows the entire days worth of TV. Very useful!

3.  Edinburgh Buses (free)
This is genius – find the bus stops you’re interested in and type in the bus stop ID number into the app. It’ll give you live (if you have the internet) bus times!

4.  TwitterFon (free)
The best Twitter app that’s free. I’ve tried a few and this one is really easy to use and gives a nice indication of what tweets you’ve not read yet. You can do pretty much everything like on the Twitter website, including following links.

5.  Stanza (free)
Stanza is an e-book reader which lots of cool features such as if you hold on a word, it will look it up in the dictionary for you. You can choose from lots of different background colours and fonts to suit your reading and comes with links to online book stores with thousands of free books. This really is an awesome app!

6.  Wikipanion (free)
This formats Wikipedia entries nicely for the iPhone screen. Even though Wikipedia Mobile is available, it still loads the original page first, then the mobile one. I find Wikipanion looks better and has an easy search.

7.  WikiTrak (59p)
This is the most useful thing ever when in a foreign country! Not only does it tell you where all the Wifi networks are, (and it finds many more than the built-in Wifi finder does) it gives the strength of the network and the security. Really worth 59p.

8.  Free RSS Reader (free)
Brilliant RSS reader. You can either give it the exact feed or the website URL which links to a feed. It will find it and add the feed for you.

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