High Tea at the Balmoral

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages – I got the flu for a week and a bit. Possibly swine flu, but since I never got tested it could have been ordinary boring flu. Swine flu sounds more impressive, so I’ll stick with that.

Anyway, yesterday Steven took me to The Balmoral (a very fancy 5 star hotel in Edinburgh) for afternoon tea. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love tea and that around 4pm I’m usually munching on some sort of delicious cake. I’ve never had a proper high tea with the whole cucumber sandwiches thing, and was quite excited about going to The Barmoral.

It costs £21 per person, which is a lot, but you get absolutely loads for the money. I really shouldn’t have eaten lunch, because I felt I didn’t eat enough of the lovely things they provided. The room was a beautiful neo-classical bar/restaurant and had a harpist on a balcony above playing dreamy tunes as we tucked into mouthwatering scones and cakes. We got shortbread, sandwiches, mini cakes, fruit tarts and scones served with a pot of loose leaf tea. The sandwiches were wonderful – no idea what was in some of them but they tasted lovely. Scones – still warm – with nice jams and clotted cream. Cakes – Dundee cake, Victoria sponge and some sort of sticky spongy thing. A Tiffin slice too which was yummy and fresh cream, strawberry, kiwi and peach tarts. I was in cake heaven!

The service was a little disappointing though. It wasn’t very busy and we had to wait about half an hour after we’d finished to get the bill. In total we were there for just under 2 hours.

I would definitely go again, but have a very light lunch. I didn’t eat dinner afterwards because it was so filling. Well worth it if you love tea and cake!! Those scones alone were worth it 😉

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