Forensic Science Practical FTW

Sorry for not blogging recently, I have been writing a ridiculously long piece of coursework (7,441 words at 18 pages) on malware and virtual machines which was due in today.

Last Thursday we had 6 hours of Forensic Science Practical classes and ’twas awesome! The first three hours involved taking out clothing and shoes from evidence bags and analyzing them. They were covered in blood (cows blood from the local abattoir) and we had to do presumptive blood tests on different stains (using Leucomalachite Green (LMG) if anyone’s interested) and then describe and draw what we saw. Each item of clothing had something interesting on them such as blood on the inside instead of outside, an unusually loose button (pulled from a fight?) or a torn up note in the pocket with writing on it. An example of the kind of notes we had to make:

Note you can’t write ‘bloodstain’ since it might not be (even if its obvious) – you must write just ‘stain’ and indicate if LMG positive. Since the LMG test is just presumptive, a proper biological analysis of the stain has to be done to confirm blood.

The second 3 hour practical was just as fun, as we went to a fake crime scene. The department has a special purpose crime scene ‘house’ built inside in the building which even had a front door and windows. It only has two rooms and these were set up as a living room (complete with a ‘dead body’ mannequin) and computer study. We had to look around and decide whether we thought any crime had been committed. Pity we didn’t have to totally suit up like these people, but it was fun none the less! They use the rooms to demonstrate blood splatter to the forensic science students since the walls are easily washable, and they get to smash windows to analyse how far glass travels and what the differences are between smashed from inside and outside. Sometimes I wish I had done a biology degree so I could do all these practicals too!

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