This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars

I don’t normally feel the urge to do music reviews, but I need to express my love for 30STM and their latest album, This is War, which was released on Monday.

30STM is the only band that I impulsively bought an album after listening to one song. I had heard From Yesterday played on the radio several times and thought this was possibly one of the most awesome songs ever (great video too) and so bought their second album, A Beautiful Lie (released 2005). I fell in love with Jarod Leto’s voice and their distinctive style and so soon bought their debut album, 30 Seconds to Mars (released 2002). This is quite a different album in that Jarod’s trademark “oooh”ing and occasional screaming in A Beautiful Lie doesn’t fetaure and the sound is less poppy and more atmospheric. A Beautiful Lie is not a pop album per se, it just has more releasable songs as singles that appeal to a wider audience.

I was very excited to learn 30STM were touring next year, and have bought tickets to see them in Glasgow in February. More excitingly was the release of their third album, four years after the second. The first time I heard This is War, I was actually a little disappointed. The second time – I quite liked it. Third – I thought it was totally awesome and on forth time listening I think it’s one of the best albums I own.

Reviews on the net seem mixed – lots hate it and lots love it. It’s again a very different album to both the others, but is more similar to the debut that A Beautiful Lie. It still carries through Jarod’s “oohing” and screaming but has a more experimental feel, with choirs singing parts of songs and some more electronicy beats (e.g. Vox Populi). The album also has a running theme (war and fighting) like the debut did (space and the universe).

Two songs that totally stand out are Hurricane and Night of the Hunter ♥. Another fantastic song for any Sci-Fi geeks is Stranger in a Strange Land, which has a great sci-fi spacey intro and sounds like its a tribute to the book.  

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