Merry Christmas

This year is my first year spending Christmas the traditional UK way, instead of the Belgian way. In Belgium (or at least in my family) Christmas eve is far more important than Christmas day – which is seen as the more sombre religious day and/or the 8 hour 6-course meal meal with the whole family. I have always opened my presents on Christmas eve at 6pm, followed by a beef fondue and lots of Baileys, port, brandy and whisky.

This year I am spending with Steven’s family and is only different in the time of present giving really. We still had a beef fondue last night, which they seemed to enjoy a lot! A new thing for me was the idea of a stocking which I got given in the morning filled with chocolates and cute little gifts from Stevens parents Santa.

I had an absolutely great bunch of presents this year, including a bread maker, pasta roller and ice-cream maker. I got loads of recipe books too including Mediterranean and tapas, chocolate and cupcakes! I clearly belong in the kitchen..! My mum wraps her presents so beautifully it took real effort to open them without damaging the ribbons and decorations which I wanted to keep. She buys pot porri type things like dried oranges and cinnamon sticks or fake flowers and mushrooms and attaches them to the presents. Is almost a shame to open them! Only two cow related items this year: a cow kitchen timer and a mooing cow toy. Moo! 

We are eating Christmas lunch in a while which I think consists of 6 different types of meat (turkey, ham, beef, pork stuffing, chipolatas, bacon) which sounds amazing. I never will understand the British tradition of eating so much at Christmas until you feel ill though. Or the tradition of turkey either – there are so many better tasting birds!

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!

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