Creative Gifts – Part 2

Following on from part 1, here are some more creative ideas for presents. These however require very little artistic skills!

Personalised mugs and calendars

Websites such as snapfish provide personalised gifts such as mugs, calenders, mouse mats, jigaws and stationary which you can put your photos on. The prices are quite reasonable too – a mug with your photo on it is £7.99. As mentioned in my previous post, if you have a theme going, the images on these items don’t have to be photos, they can be graphics you’ve designed yourself or photos of any particular animal/object they like.

Fridge magnets

Magnetic strips or sheets can easily be bought in art stores and then cut into small squares which you can stick on the back of printed photos / graphics. Instead of buying a set of fridge magnetic words, create your own personalised set by printing off words and sticking them to the magnets.


This is particularly good as a romantic gift – a set of cards that are vouchers for certain things such as massages, cups of tea etc. You can either make these yourself, or get them professionally printed for free using Moo. Moo gives away 10 business cards for free, so you just need to upload 10 front and back designs. I used the free cards last year to create Christmas tags for presents and I definitely will be ordering more this year!

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