MESH: Worst customer service ever?

I was a very loyal customer to Mesh computers up until a week ago. My previous computer, which I’ve had for 5 years, my parents old computer and my current server have all been Mesh purchases. I usually go with them for a few reasons: firstly, they offer various systems at different price levels and then allow you to totally customise everything, secondly, they allow you to buy computers without an operating system and finally, they don’t install a load of junk software on your computer. I’ve never had any problems with the computers I’ve bought, so have never had to deal with their customer services.

Since my university years officially came to an end yesterday, and my work career starts tomorrow, I thought now would be a perfect time to get myself a new computer. A 6-core, 8GB RAM computer with sub-woofer speakers and blue LEDs. Why not?! Off I went to and spent a small fortune buying this computer (and a legal copy of Windows 7 AND Office 2010!!). This was 7 weeks ago. Then it all went wrong.

A week after the purchase, whilst in Skye, I got a phonecall from Mesh saying they couldn’t get my payment to go through because they couldn’t handle a “/” in the address (Edinburgh flat addresses are <house number>/<flat number>) even though without it my address then didn’t match up with my credit card. After much kurfuffle payment was accepted. 3 weeks later, having received nothing, I emailed Mesh to ask where my order was – “you’ll have it by the end of the week!” was their reply. LIES. 3 weeks after that my computer finally arrived – totalling 6 weeks.

I opened up the letter stuck to the top of one of the boxes. It was a note saying that my license for Office 2010 wasn’t ready yet and would be send “in due course”. WTF? I then opened up one of the boxes to find a keyboard & mouse I didn’t order. I got on the phone to Mesh and after 40 minutes of being told “my call is important to them” I got through to a totally emotionless and rude women who would not answer my questions. I finally got told that Mesh no longer sold any Logitech keyboards (another lie – some others are available on the website) and I had been given a replacement. It was their policy not to bother telling their customers of this even though I probably would have ordered a more expensive one rather than the junk they replaced it with (usually I don’t mind but this particular Logitech keyboard was good for my RSI as it comes with supports on the keyboard and the mouse is symmetric so left handed people can use it). She said there was “nothing she could do”. I angrily emailed Mesh saying I wanted to return the keyboard and get a refund and apology. No apology or reply as of yet, but I did get a sticker through the post that I can stick to something to return to it (it was all a bit vague and I assume it’s for the keyboard…It’s not even clear if I have to pay postage).

Finally, to really wind me up, Mesh decided not to attach a Windows 7 sticker to my computer, thus no activation key. In 21 days when the activation time runs out I will not be able to use my computer. I phoned up again, this time only taking 25 minutes to be put through, where a much nicer person said they would send a new one out “at some point”. When…”umm hopefully before the activation expires!”. <sarcasm>yay</sarcasm>.

So for now, my shiny shiny new computer is sitting here, unloved. I have no keyboard or mouse, no activation key and no Office 2010. Long live Windows XP.

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