Dean Village

Dean Village is arguably one of the most picturesque parts of Edinburgh, with its windy cobbled streets and Victorian buildings, and is situated right next to the Water of Leith. It used to be a grain milling hamlet just outside of ye Olde Edinburgh, but became engulfed by the growing city and now lies just above the West End. All of the quaint mills, warehouses and cottages have been converted into modern flats on the inside, but the village has kept it’s old historical look and feel on the outside, making it a highly desirable residential area. Surprisingly Dean Village was an area of poverty up until the 1960s, and gentrification and recognition in the 1970s have made it what it is today.

Dean Village by the Water of Leith: Photo taken from

My good friend Alice took me on a wonderful Autumnal walk around Dean which I encourage anyone who likes rivers, forests and pretty village-style buildings to do on a sunny afternoon. I’ve used Scribble Maps – a great online tool that lets you draw on Google maps – to make a map of the 2km walk, which you can view here. A JPG of the walk is below. I recommend having afternoon tea at the Gallery of Modern Art, and definitely seeing the surrealist exhibition at the Dean Gallery – famous works from Dali, Magritte & Miro and many more (On until January 2011).

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