New era for Lowmanio

So that’s it, I have now copied across all my old posts onto WordPress and will soon change over to the new site. My old site was hosted on an incredibly old server which I haven’t maintained and recently ran out of disk space. I figure WordPress will do a better job at that for me. A lot of work went into the previous incarnation of Lowmanio – I wrote the website myself including search functionality, tag clouds, captchas etc. Sad to see it go, but its probably full of vulnerabilities and only a matter of time for it to be hacked.

Screenshot of the old website

Lowmanio has gone through a few iterations, starting off on Geocities and then self hosted. I registered the domain name in October 2001 – meaning it’ll be 20 years old soon..! I dabbled in Flash, then static pages before finally in 2008 I coded it fully with the final design (as above) appearing in mid 2009.

I’ve kept all my old posts, but sadly the comments have not transferred. There weren’t many, but one blog post in particular seemed to get a lot of attraction from Google searches for the old Woodilee Mental Asylum which is now a new-build housing estate in Lenzie. Some of my old posts are a bit ridiculous, and I wouldn’t write like that these days but nothing is so bad to not copy across.

I’ve added a new section on my houseplants as that’s something I’m really into at the moment, and not kept the page on my rabbits, as sadly they are no longer alive, however always in my heart 🐰.

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