Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

I currently have five different types of Pothos houseplants:

  • Golden Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
  • Mable Queen Pothos
  • N’Joy Pothos
  • Satin Pothos (technically not a Pothos but looks similar and often grouped with them)

It is also called devil’s ivy because it is ‘almost impossible to kill’, and sometimes known as the money plant; even though that’s a common name to Jade plants too. I love them not only because they are easy to care for, but they have such pretty trailing vines. The leaves, in the right conditions (i.e. not in a house!) can get really big and fenestrate like swiss cheese plants, however unlikely to get big indoors. They also can have flowers, but again this is super rare.

Care is quite easy – when the leaves look a little floppy and curled is the time to water. Typically this is every 2 weeks but I don’t use a schedule. They bounce back pretty quickly after a good water, so it’s ok to neglect them for a little. Underwatering is always better than overwatering to prevent root rot.

Satin pothos leaf
Satin pothos leaf curling a little – needs to be watered soon

Pothos can survive in low light, but don’t expect them to look to great or push out new leaves. I find they do best in bright rooms with or without some direct sunshine. I have 2 pothos near a south facing window so they get a lot of sun – they have a few bits of sunburnt leaves but are thriving. Similar I have one under skylight so gets bright light but no direct sunlight and that’s doing super well too, so they don’t appear to be super fussy. In the wild they grow like an ivy on other things (trees mostly), so would start life in shade under a tree.

Because its a creeper, it uses aerial roots to cling onto things. Mine have started to stick itself to my walls with its roots. Be warned if you pull these off you might damage your wall, so if you don’t want this to happen you might need to prune the plant or move it away from walls. One of my vines is over 3 metres long!

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