Halloween Crafting

In terms of decorations and making things, I think I prefer Halloween as there is a bigger scope to be creative. Below are a few things I created this year and last year.

Halloween table runner

This year I made a table runner with a selection of spooky fabrics from Etsy, backed by some basic black cotton and black bias binding. Pattern was a little fiddly as the black pieces in-between the squares were quite small, but ironing each piece once sewn together helped. This now sits on our dining table as a centre piece.

Ghost bauble!

Eyeball bauble!

Last year I made a couple of things out of old ping pong balls which had dents / didn’t bounce so well. I made three ghosts and three eyeballs. The eyeballs are pretty straight forward – just need some permanent markers. The ghosts are piece of kitchen towel soaked in water and draped over the ball, and left to dry. I put the string in first so I could hang them up to dry over a bowl to catch the water. Add some googly eyes and voila!


These wee pumpkins come from Hobbycraft – https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/mini-mache-pumpkins-4-pack/653311-1000 – which I painted either black and added some silver stars, or traditional pumpkin colour. I tried to add several tones of orange to make them more realistic.

Halloween Wreath

This one I made a few years ago and really pleased how it turned out. I bought a basic plain green wreath from Hobbycraft – https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/artificial-fir-christmas-wreath-46cm/649542-1000 – and spray painted it black. I then made a spiders web in the middle with string painted white, and then made a bunch of Halloween things in felt which I stuffed with cotton wool. Hanging down is a black pompom which I think I need to add some black pipe cleaners to make it more spider-like.

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