Edinburgh Fringe: Ian Kendall’s 18th Birthday Magic Show

Yesterday I went to another fringe act, this time a magic show. Ian Kendall has been doing the Fringe for 18 years now, so his show was aptly titled Ian Kendall’s 18th Birthday Magic Show. During the hour he performed many magic tricks and told us a bit about his life as a magician. It was really amazing – I honestly don’t know how he did most of the tricks! I realise they are all sleight of hand, but when a pack of cards turns into just one I wonder how on earth he managed to slip them in his opposite trouser pocket without anyone noticing!

The stuff he did involved cups and balls, ropes and packs of cards but even though the props used were standard, the tricks were really great. He also does an unusual Knight’s Tour piece where he impressively does the entire thing without looking at the chessboard. Ian’s persona is also very likeable and his banter between tricks was funny. He had a great little mind reading comedy routine where the correct card was stuck to his forehead. This was made even better as the victim audience participant was unaware of this for about 5 minutes and looked totally gobsmacked when the other participant knew her card. 

As with all acts that involve audience participation – don’t sit in the front row unless you don’t mind being a large part of a trick and on stage!

If you’re keen on seeing something a little different this year at the Fringe and love good old-fashioned magic as much as I do, then go along to his show at 9.05pm at The Zoo (Pleasance).

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