Edinburgh Fringe: The School for Scandal

The School for Scandal is an 18th century restoration comedy by Sheridan with an all star cast including Lionel Blair, Marcus Brigstocke and Stephen K Amos amongst others. I thought for a moment Leigh Francis (the guy who did Avid Merrion in Bo Selecta) was in it, but it was a guy named Richard Thomson, who was really hilarious as a one legged servant (who kept alternating which leg was missing on stage).

Although sometimes the language of Sheridan was difficult to understand and spoken a little too fast; the farcical slapstick, ridiculous plot and non stop ad-libbing was well worth it. The costumes were wonderful, as was the music and simple set. It was clear that the cast absolutely loved performing it as they played their parts vivaciously and many had to suppress giggles when lines were forgotten and things went wrong – but this all added to silliness that was the play. All in all, a play worth seeing if not just for the celebrity cast!

The School for Scandal is on every day at 4pm at Pleasance.

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