I have made two new paintings called With You part 1 & 2. They are on 15cm square canvas and made of fabric, bubble wrap, tape, tissue paper, beads and a tonne of PVA glue:

I also added another painting entitled I dreamed I was missing I did last year in May to Artwork. All three of these paintings I put under ‘thought paintings’ because I don’t plan them, I just gather all my art material and use whatever pops into my mind at the time. All the paintings in that section (I know I sound incredibly emo when I say this) are pretty much my raw emotions on canvas. I find this the best way of expressing myself, and it captures a moment in my life which I will always remember when I look at the painting.

I love the incredible difference comparing I dreamed I was missing to With you. I used just three dabs of black paint, three stickers and the lyrics to a song with meant a lot to me then (and still does), Leave out all the rest by Linkin Park. Jokes about Linkin Park aside, I really do think their music helps me through difficult times and they are my all time favourite band.

With You is almost the complete opposite. I’ve used maximum colour, textures and materials and it expresses my general happiness and love at the moment. In fact it’s the most colourful painting I’ve done yet.

Also, completely off topic, I have 8 people subscribed to my RSS feed (excluding 9 bots)! Yay!

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