I am a supermarket snob

I broke the habit of 3 years by going to Asda today instead of Sainsbury’s. Sainsburys and Waitrose are my nearest large stores and I’ve grown very accustomed to fine goods and well laid out aisles. However Edinburgh has an Asda superstore only 15 minutes further away, and since I wasn’t doing anything today I thought I’d pop in and do my shopping there for today. After all, they put crème patisserie in their mille feuilles, not cream.

This Asda is perhaps 3 times the size of the Sainsbury’s at Cameron Toll, and yet sold about 50% of the stuff I wanted. It seems the people who shop at Asda don’t want variety, they want quantity. I saw a massive aisle for meat and got excited to find out all the different types they sold. Unlike Sainsbury’s which sells at least 20 kinds of joints and meats, Asda dedicated half the aisle to beef mince. Not even different kinds of beef mince! I clearly have been spoilt with Sainsbury’s offering me Taste the Difference beef mince, Lean beef mince, Be Good to Yourself beef mince, Organic beef mince, Sainsbury’s own beef mince and Sainsbury’s Basics beef mince.

I don’t even want to begin how upset I was when I saw the pathetic deli ham counter or the lack of Appenzeller cheese. I really am the wrong person Asda cater for: 3 aisles for soft drinks and a small section for herbs and spices. Whole foods and uncooked beans where replaced by tins of tuna and baked beans. I like Sainsbury’s for it’s large section on whole foods, world foods and speciality foods. It’s not as amazing as Waitrose, but at least it stocks sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and a wide range of Japanese sauces which Asda just epic fails at. Also Asda doesn’t seem to have a ‘Taste the Difference’ or ‘Tesco Finest’ version of their own.

I did actually save a bit of money though. Yay Innocent Smoothies for only £2. I compared my receipt with the same products on sainsburys.co.uk  and I saved £2.71. Mostly on smoothies and cleaning products with Cillit Bang and Busters Plug Unblocker being much cheaper in Asda. Also, Asda sell poptarts. I have no idea why Sainsbury’s don’t sell them, it’s one of those strange mysteries of the supermarket world.

I conclude that I am a total supermarket snob and I shall be sticking to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for my culinary purchases. Are you a supermarket snob?

// end rant and snobbery.

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