Foodies Festival

The Foodies festival is set up next to Holyrood Palace in the park and luckily when Steven and I went this afternoon it was nice, warm weather. For just £10, the ticket allows entry on all three days the festival runs (21st-23rd Aug) and is an absolute bargain for what you get!

The festival was basically a huge version of the Farmers Market that happens every Saturday on Castle Terrace but has a much larger variety of food and drink on offer. Also, it had three tents with master classes: one of drinks (e.g. Wine tasting) and two of Michelin star / celebrity chefs giving 45 minutes of live cookery classes. There was also a small stage in the centre where a continuous stream of live acts from the Edinburgh Fringe gave 15 minute samples of their shows.

We started by having a burger from one of the many burger stalls and sat down to watch one of the acts on the stage. We got given a bag of free cheese and oat cakes which was very nice (thanks Orkney Cheddar!) and saw Tao perform a very impressive Samurai drumming set. I thought they were called Oat for most of the show as their banners where flying backwards and their name was in capitals. D’oh!

It took an hour or so to go through all the stalls which most offered free samples. Between us we tasted three or four types of fudge, millions of chocolates, German sausage, feta, chilli dips, chipolatas, jams, whiskey, wine, beer, cheese with mango in it, crisps made from apples and carrots, raspberries covered in white chocolate and ‘fruit ice’ from Belhaven which tasted divine. We bought bramble jelly and raspberry & honey jam, fudge and the raspberries in white chocolate.

I then had a Pimms whilst we watched two more acts before heading to a master class. We first saw a dance act called 2FaCeD doing some very impressive street dancing and free-styling, following by Movin’ Melvin Brown who was a rhythm & blues singer and tap dancer. He was really good at impersonating old Motown singers, and had really mean tap skillz.

I was disappointed when we got to the master class tent, as all the seats where taken. This was supposed to be ticketed – you signed up for the classes at the front entrance to get a seat, but no one was monitoring who went in the tent! Therefore 10 minutes before the show it was already packed with people who had just barged in. I didn’t feel like standing, so that’s where we left. Although disappointing, I really enjoyed the rest of the festival and was quite full after all the tasters and Pimms!

So if you like the idea of tasting loads of food and drink with no obligation to buy, random free Fringe acts and (maybe seeing if you barge in) master classes by Michelin star chefs then head along to the Foodies festival – last day tomorrow!

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