Edinburgh Fringe: Rabbit Faced Story Soup

I thought Rabbit Faced Story Soup by Laura Solon was going to be stand-up comedy and I would have to perform my don’t-grab-attention routine so I wouldn’t get picked on. How wrong was I!

Laura came onto stage in character as Diana Lewis, a publishing agent assistant and spent the hour telling a story about the author Harriet G. Scott and her latest book she had to publish. During the story Laura took on the roles of each of the characters involved, including the ex-tyrant Russian publishing boss, the highly strung and critical American agent, Harriet’s number one stalker fan, Pam the receptionist with weird sexual fetishes and a couple of authors including a French artiste with the strongest dislike for the English known to man.

The first ten minutes were a bit shaky because I didn’t know what was going on (is this a preamble? is this a random story she’s telling? Will this have a dire punch line at the end?) and it wasn’t all that funny.

As soon as she got into character however, it was a whole different story. Laura’s characters were perfectly executed: fantastically funny script and she did brilliant accents and expressions without the need for any costumes or props (apart from a stuffed rabbit). I soon got absorbed in the story and enjoyed the show thoroughly. There were a few moments of sheer comic genius, especially when she read out excerpts from books such as one from an extreme feminist who called stilettos slag stilts.

You can tell that Laura is a comic writer rather than a stand-up comedian. It was fantastically well written and executed (ignoring the first 10 minutes or so) and quite different to anything I’ve seen before. You can see Rabbit Faced Story Soup at 7.35pm at Assembly on George Street.

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