Postgrad Induction Day

Number of CSI mentions: 1

Number of students at postgrad computer and information studies induction: about 50

Number of girls at above: about 25 (!!)

Number of students in my Forensic Informatics class: 9

On Monday I parted with the largest sum of money from my account – £872 for a three month train ticket to Glasgow, which was quickly surpassed by yesterday’s uni fees of £4800. Ouch. Well luckily my parents provided me with both those large sums of money! I was going to register on Monday, however it took 5 minutes to walk to the end of the queue and the person in charge said it would be perhaps a 3 hour wait. So I registered yesterday instead, and it took a total of 20 minutes of moving quite efficiently from queue to queue. I got a Gideon Bible shoved into my hands at the end from a cunningly disguised preacher; I blindly took it thinking it was some sort of useful university booklet thing.

The induction was the standard reading of university rules and introduction to the department. This was for all the new post graduates in the department including library science and information management. I was amazed when I walked in, as I saw more girls than boys, thinking I was in the wrong place. It finally levelling out when the lecture started, roughly 25 girls and 25 boys. Lots of mature students and hardly any foreign students. Very different to Edinburgh which totally embraces international students but from what I’ve seen has very few mature students. The sad thing was at least one person on my specific course who was a mature student is here because they got laid off work.

The main place of study, Livingston Tower, seems nice enough. It has a floor for study divided into two large areas, one with sofas and vending machines and the other with tables for silent study. A couple of computer rooms – mostly Windows but a few Linux labs too. It feels like Appleton’s level 3 and 4 but a less new and shiny and way less computers. No kitchen either, not sure where I can get tea! However seems like a nice, relaxed place and I love being 5 minutes from Glasgow’s main shopping area.

Course starts on Tuesday with Digital Information Fundamentals followed by Crime Scene and Court Exercise. Can’t wait 😀

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