Dean Gallery visit

I went to the Dean Gallery today with Steven since it was such lovely weather outside and we thought we’d do something cultural. The gallery sits opposite the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and houses a small, permanent collection of Surrealist and Dada art which is well worth seeing if you like Dalí, Miró, Ernst, Magritte, Picasso or Man Ray.

Upstairs the gallery has four large rooms where there are temporary exhibitions of modern artists. I wasn’t too impressed by most of them – mostly video art (which I never really understand or have the patience for) and an almost empty room with some green and white tree trunks in a corner with no explanation of what they meant. I think one had ‘beloved’ written on it.

One exhibition that was quite interesting was a table with paper where you could write a letter to someone that you’ve always been meaning too; whether deceased, far away or no longer important. Previous letters where hung up so everyone could read them. It reminded me of Post Secret a bit. Post Secret ‘is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard’. Every week the website updates with new secrets which are really beautiful and poignant.

One artist did catch my eye as being quite brilliant, and that was Greg Creek. His work was mixed media (mostly watercolours, pencil drawings and ink sketches and doodles) done on long wallpaper rolls – which you can see here. He can paint and draw really well, and the juxtaposition of his exquisite watercolours, funny cartoons and written text look really good. Some are creepy, others beautiful. Here are some samples of the work on display, images copyright to the artist:

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