30 Seconds to Mars @ SECC, Glasgow

Wow. Never have I been to a gig where the band where so into interacting with the crowd. Maybe it’s because the lead singer, Jared Leto is also a Hollywood actor and knows how to work people, but it was just incredible. A lot of bands don’t seem bothered to go past “Hello <insert city>!” and maybe the odd “Having a good time?!” but 30STM took it to a whole new level. I saw Lostprophets last week, and whilst their random Welsh banter in between songs was funny, they weren’t that interactive. How a band are live sometimes makes or breaks it for me – for example in 2004 I was so disappointed with Evanescence’s lack of enthusiasm or crowd interaction I went off them for a bit, I certainly won’t be seeing them again live.

What did they do I here you ask? Well, by far the most awesome thing to happen was Jared disappearing off the stage during L490 (an instrumental song) only to reappear in the audience seating section at the back with a microphone and acoustic guitar. With just a spotlight on him, he sang A Modern Myth surrounded by a gaping audience. Totally awesome.

Jared in the audience on his guitar

A lot of the songs on the 3rd album featured a choir, so the audience took over that part and it sounded amazing. He put the microphone out to the crowd on several occasions and let us just sing the song chorus. This is War was especially good – Jared got us all excited by shouting “To the right!” then “To the left!” (which are lyrics to the song) and getting us to shout louder than the other half. Then the screens above the stage started listing the lyrics so even those who didn’t know the song could get involved.

This is War!

In the finale Jared got loads of audience members to get up on stage with him to do Kings and Queens. It was a fantastic ending, although I was disappointed they didn’t play my favourite song Hurricane. The full set list can be found here, and it seems a few others agree with me about Hurricane.

It’s difficult not to love a band who tries their hardest to make their gigs really awesome. I cannot wait to see them live again, that was such an awesome night ❤.

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