Number One, Edinburgh

I had a great birthday weekend, go-karting on Saturday followed by an amazing evening meal at Number One on Sunday, a Michelin star restaurant in Edinburgh.

Steven and I had been to Number One before as part of a ‘young people’ food week they took part in last year. To encourage young people to eat out in fancy restaurants they offered a three course meal with two glasses of wine and coffee afterwards for £50. Not each, in total! Too good to refuse! They also gave a quick tour of the kitchens and we got to ask the head chef some questions. Here I learnt they only use local farmers and vary the dishes completely on what is in season. Also, truffles cost £1000 a kilo. Pity I didn’t taste the £20’s worth sprinkled on my mash potato! It was a totally amazing evening, and was very excited to do it again yesterday.

Number One don’t bother with pricing each course, instead just offer a fixed price (£57.50) for a starter, main and dessert. You also get four mini courses in between. Firstly you get an amazing selection of canapés. The waitress told me what they were, but it went in one ear and out the other as I was admiring how cute they looked. I remember one was a Parmesan and chorizo doughnut and it tasted absolutely awesome. Following on you get a pre-starter, ours was a guinea fowl and black pudding thingie. I wish I knew all the fancy words they use for these things, alas I don’t and ‘thingie’ will have to do. Tasty thingie!

I chose a Celeriac Pannacotta for starter which came with some other vegetables and a beetroot reduction. Very pretty looking and surprisingly filling. My main course was Wild Boar with butternut squash purée, spinach and crazy Twiglet-like fried potato things. Wild Boar is wonderful – like a really tender piece of pork fillet but a bit meatier. The sauce I got was delicious, but I thought it was a teeny bit to salty.

We then got given a pre-dessert. I had a lemon sorbet but I think there was carrot in it, or something. It was very odd, but quite tasty. Steven was having cheese instead of dessert so had a celery sorbet which he loved. Then, OMG, dessert. Utterly divine. I took a photo of it with my phone – it doesn’t do it justice.

At the bottom was very dark thick chocolate, then two jelly-like balls of coconut parfait followed by another piece of dark chocolate. On top of this was an exquisite ball of coconutty rice pudding wrapped in mango. The sauce around it was really sweet and gooey mango, which they put on the menu as “mango soup”. So utterly awesome.

Finally with our tea and coffee we got a selection of little chocolates and fudges. One was a bit weird – dark chocolate and rosemary. Not sure I liked that one, but the others were delicious.

I’m running out of adjectives that describe how tasty and lovely everything was. The service was impeccable, and the place was nicely decorated (if a little old fashioned) with modern artwork. Nom nom nom. I could get used to eating like this!

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