Homemade Christmas Cards

On 26th October I went to the Hobby Crafts fair in Glasgow at the SECC. At first I was sorely disappointed as I went into the first auditorium and it was stalls and stalls of handmade crafts such as jewellery, bags and gift items. Just as I was about to leave in a huff I rechecked the brochure and noticed it said both a Christmas craft fair and a hobby crafts fair; so I about turned and walked further into the SECC to a second auditorium, where to my delight, it was filled with over 300 stalls dedicated to paper crafting. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest, I have never seen so many ribbons, stamps, paper, scrapbook embellishments and die cuts in one place! Top tip for going to these fairs: draw out a set amount of money from a cash machine and have some sort of idea of the things you are interested in and you day will be a lot less overwhelming!

I bought a lovely range of paper, ribbons and stamps to theme my Christmas gifts and cards this year in red and green polka dots and stripes:

Wrapping paper and ribbons (from the fair: 10 rolls for £15!)

Materials required to make the Christmas cards:

Stamp the log and then the robin on top of the log onto the white paper. Then stamp the robin again separately on another piece of card. Colour in the log and robin (but not the hat) and then just the hat on the separate robin. Add some glitter to the snow around the log and once dried cut out the log & robin – I chose a circle. Cut out the separate hat and using three sets of two sticky squares, attach the hat over the top of the original hat. This gives a nice 3D appearance and shadow. Cut a rectangle from one of the Christmas dotty papers and stick the circle neatly centred. Roll about a 1/3 of a cotton wool ball into a tight roll and glue onto the top of the hat. Finally, stick the dotty square onto a piece of white thick paper to make the card and add a ‘merry christmas’ stamp underneath.

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