4th International Conference on Cyber Security & Education

On Friday I went to the 4th International Conference on Cyber Security and Education, held at the Scottish Police College in Tullillan Castle. There were loads of really interesting talks and I think the only let down was the lack of abstracts/summaries of each talk; so often I was blindly going into a talk in one … Continue reading 4th International Conference on Cyber Security & Education

What makes malware “sophisticated”?

Most new articles on high profile cyberattacks call these attacks sophisticated, but are they really? At the RSA 2015 conference a few days ago, researchers Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes, wrote ‘the Irari rules for declaring a cyberattack sophisticated’. The summary article can be found here, and the conference slide pack here. The main message is … Continue reading What makes malware “sophisticated”?

Board Game Foamcore Inserts

I love board games but sometimes the amount of bits you need to play is ridiculous. Take Terra Mystica, a strategic resource management game set in a fantasy world. It has 593 individual pieces comprising of coins, terrain tiles, various tokens, buildings, meeple, scoring titles and cards. This means the game weighs a hefty 2.1 kg! Luckily the creators … Continue reading Board Game Foamcore Inserts

CompTIA Security+ Exam

A few weeks ago I took the CompTIA Security+ (version SY0-301) exam after 2 weeks of intense self-study and managed to successfully pass after a nerve-racking 90 minutes of questions. The exam covers all aspects of information security, including networking, access control, security threats & mitigation technique and cryptography. It doesn’t go into a huge amount of … Continue reading CompTIA Security+ Exam